After The Fall

I see that I introduced my injury only obliquely, by reblogging someone else’s post. I suppose that’s a kind of denial, so let me write this one out.

At the tail end of November, I was walking the dog while on the phone, and I slipped and fell on some ice in the driveway. I knew it was broken, but it was worse than I thought…a “Maisonneuve fracture” where there is substantial damage to the soft tissue of the ankle and the membrane between the tibia and fibula.

So, after surgery, multiple screws and a plate, I got my cast off…only to find out that I still am not allowed to bear weight on the foot for at least another 6 weeks.  (Yes, that’s almost 3 months).

Physiotherapy is going well, but I’m now to the limit of what I can do until further assessment by my surgeon. That’s in two weeks…and it’s likely to be some minor increase in weight bearing, which means the crutches are here to stay.  It’ll be nice from a stability perspective…crutches in the winter are a very special kind of torture instrument, especially when you are “safe” inside and some water tracked in with you turns the tips into skates.  Getting across ice ridges left by snow plows…the less said, the better.

I’m getting frustrated with not being able to help out at home, and being unable to carry basic tools of work at the office. I’ve got the smaller supplies in pouches on my crutches; fortunately, this is a relatively small professional burden, but it means that a great deal of work at home I’ve had to drop on my wife and my daughter, or it isn’t getting done.

It’s surprising, really, just how very much stuff needs to be carried from one place to another…and just how much of it I was doing before the fall.