A great way to make quality important in your organization

There’s really only one key practice for quality:  continuous improvement, and its dual, continuous learning. For continuous learning, many practices that help; one of my personal favorites is ‘Lunch and Learn.’  It’s easy to get started, allows the team to ‘opt in’ to shared practices, and is an amazing opportunity for growth. One example that … Continue reading A great way to make quality important in your organization

Beautiful code

Read ‘Beautiful Code’ if you are a programmer. It calls on well known (and not so well known) authors to show, with examples, what ‘beautiful code’ is. Well worth your time.

Ed Catmull on why innovation and sustained vision matter

If you are in a software leadership position, this is worth your time. A Conversation with Ed Catmull – ACM Queue. Key quote:  “When computer graphics became practical, it reintroduced technical change into this field and invigorated it.

Why your customer service is the most important thing for your business…or for YOU personally.

This article (a summary of Ken Blanchard’s Raving Fans, with what appears to be material from a subsequent interview), may be the most important thing you read today. Ken Blanchard: Save your firm from a customer service crisis. Are your firm’s customers, or YOUR customers, raving fans? Happy reading, Dak

Software architects and strategic decisions: Build, buy, open source, or partner?

When planning a project, the world of specifications and agreements can sometimes run into collisions with Agile methodologies. What’s your experience with how this works in practice?