5 Common Encryption Types and Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own

This can’t be emphasized enough.  DO NOT try to roll your own encryption, unless you are doing it to learn.  Good solid article, though!

Encryption is frequently talked about in news, but it’s usually on the receiving end of misinformed government policy or taking part of the blame for terrorist atrocities. That ignores just how vital encryption is. The vast majority of internet services use encryption to keep your information safe.

Source: 5 Common Encryption Types and Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own


Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them

Glen Alleman occasionally overdoes the anti-no-estimates rant, BUT he’s bright and systematic.  This is worth reading.

I liked this in particular:

With these business principles of software development and projects in general, we can ask and answer five principles of project success

  • What dos Done look like in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers?
  • What is the Plan to reach done at the needed time for the needed budget, with the needed outcomes?
  • What Resources will be needed to reach Done?
  • What Impediments will be encountered along the way to Done and what are the handling strategies for each impediment?
  • What are the measures of physical percent complete needed to inform the decision makers of progress to plan in order to take corrective or preventive actions to stay on plan?

Source: Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them