Automating SSL certificate generation, installation and renewal with ACME

I came across this article on using Automated Certificate Management Environment. Instead of an onerous yearly manual task, certificate deployment and renewal becomes automated. Available now for Apache HTTPD and others.

Here’s an example:

“We show how to simplify SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt with Apache httpd on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
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Terrible password policies

I just ran into a remarkably bad password entry implementation.

1) The password I entered didn’t conform to the policy.

2) There’s a separate *link* to go to get the password policy, which is the usual ridiculous coconut headsets pseudo-safe “upper case, lower case, a symbol and a number.”
(HINT: this is NOT safe, it’s just stupid false security. Password hackers are way past the common variants of simple passwords obscured by these changes. This is BAD POLICY).

3) And…the password doesn’t work despite compliance with the policy, so the password checker is broken. I have no idea what would work, and that’s really not my problem.  So bad policy, badly implemented.

If you can’t even get basic password checking right, I don’t trust that you’ve gotten the security of the site right. So I’m stopping right there, and not registering on the site. This is a complete failure of the primary objective of the site.

What password selection requires is proof that the password is resistant to a dictionary attack, and high entropy.  If you don’t know what that means, educate yourself before attempting to implement a password system! Here’s a good example.  And here are the guidelines from NIST with an excellent rationale.