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Open collaboration on COVID-19 – The GitHub Blog

The power of open source is inspiring. I strongly encourage you to think if your project can use the collaborative potential of open source for good; not just for #COVID-19, but in general. Re-inventing the wheel is ok if it has unique value, but…does it?

– Dak

Explore some impactful open source projects being created by teams around the world in response to COVID-19.
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When all hope is lost…that is the bottom of the market

We’re not there yet, folks. I’m thrilled about the upturn in the market for the past three days (and you should be, too).  At this point there’s a horde of people panicked to get their money out.  They will.  This will drive the market down.  That’s completely natural.

This will happen a few times before the next great bull rush.

Don’t worry about it.  Relax.  Dollar cost average your way into the market, and keep in mind:  up or down, in 5 years or so, this will have been a very good time to invest.