Terrible password policies

I just ran into a remarkably bad password entry implementation. (https://registrationcenter.intel.com/en/accounts/register/) 1) The password I entered didn’t conform to the policy. 2) There’s a separate *link* to go to get the password policy, which is the usual ridiculous coconut headsets pseudo-safe “upper case, lower case, a symbol and a number.” (HINT: this is NOT safe, … Continue reading Terrible password policies

Clueless Companies Can’t Cope

I’m home sick today, so I’m a natural captive audience for free movies, or so I thought. I was half-watching a movie on Crackle (Sony) on an iPad, and the “preach to the converted” ads for new RIM products were repeated so many times that, frankly, I lost count and I barely managed to finish … Continue reading Clueless Companies Can’t Cope

Software architects and strategic decisions: Build, buy, open source, or partner?

When planning a project, the world of specifications and agreements can sometimes run into collisions with Agile methodologies. What’s your experience with how this works in practice?

The ongoing evolution of technology…Cameras

Digital cameras continue to evolve very rapidly.  (VERY).  Back in April, I passed on a link about a high-speed digital camera, reviewed by David Pogue of the New York Times.  Since then, the field has evolved to the point of having a DSLR that is capable of shooting movies. (And thanks again to Chris Schmitt … Continue reading The ongoing evolution of technology…Cameras