DO Encrypt, DON’T Panic

DO Encrypt your data, and DON’T PANIC. Health Practitioners are required to secure their patient data, both in Canada and the US. Here’s what that means for Psychologists in Ontario.


SubVersion (SVN) for fun and profit

Use SubVersion to tame the pile of drafts for writing, software development, and your other creative tasks. It has the added benefit of giving you easy backups, and allowing you to work from any machine that can ‘see’ your repository. Easy, fun, free!

Saving paper, saving time through PDF

I imagine that you’ve thought about trying to reduce the amount of paper you handle. A good place to start is reducing the amount of paper you generate. A GREAT place to start that is to quit printing documents for reference, just keep them on your computer. Saving output to PDF is a great place … Continue reading Saving paper, saving time through PDF