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Found a leadership blog in an unexpected place

We were chatting at home about some products for clearing drains (long story), and my other half noted she’d seen some interesting and apparently new products from CLR.  CLR, if you don’t know it, stands for Calcium Lime Rust remover (their signature product), but they have more than that.

I had a look for the products to see if this was a brand extension…and got distracted by a really good management blog from the CEO.

In particular, there’s a good posting on change:’s-Dirty-Are-The-Coins-In-Your

The key take-away: always be open to new ideas from new places.



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Don’t Give Up on a Great Idea Just Because It Seems Obvious

Sometimes the best innovations are intuitive. That’s actually OK. Think more about what would make a difference in the problem you see, and less about whether or not “must have been solved because it’s obvious.”

There is beauty in simplicity.

See more about this topic in this is great article from Harvard Business Review: