”Why I Switched From Ubuntu to Manjaro Linux”

This is a really good article on why a lighter and more modern distro is good for tech work and for VMs. I would also note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is also going the “less is more” route, with a base distro that just barely uses the CPU. Cheers, Dak “For more than a … Continue reading ”Why I Switched From Ubuntu to Manjaro Linux”

FREE: Keeping Raccoons out of the recycling, 7 years and 4 tries later

For two parts at the dollar store, you can secure your green recycling bin, even outside!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

There are two countries in the world that officially celebrate Thanksgiving (and that have a substantial population of people descended from the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony). As an American in Canada (and, as it happens, a descendant of those Pilgrims), I thoroughly enjoy both Thanksgivings. Whether this is a religious holiday for you or not, … Continue reading Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Software architects and strategic decisions: Build, buy, open source, or partner?

When planning a project, the world of specifications and agreements can sometimes run into collisions with Agile methodologies. What’s your experience with how this works in practice?