Freebie of the week

One of my favorite cross-platform apps (web, iOS, Android), Instapaper, has been honored as “App of the Week” by Apple. Congratulations, Marco!

How to get it:

What this means to you: this week, it’s free.

What it is: it’s an application and a service which allows you to save web content, including multiple pages, with all the ‘extras’ stripped out, for reading later. Similar functionality can be found in the Safari ‘reading list’ and the ‘Pocket‘ app…but Instapaper was an early player, and has a web presence, and download to Kindle, and all kinds of pleasant surprises.  Terrific for saving news to read later, or a fast ‘I need this for something I’m researching and I don’t want to put it into a notebook app.’

Recommended. If you have an iOS device, it’s free this week. If not, or you miss the free week, it’s still worth supporting the app, it’s worth it.  Please support authors of things you like!

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DO Encrypt, DON’T Panic

Or, What the ‘strong encryption’ requirement means to Psychologists (regarding Fact Sheet #16 issued by the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario).

Why I’m writing this: I have a number of friends and associates who are Certified Psychologists in Ontario, and have been asked, casually, what exactly this fact sheet means.

Bottom line:  If you are a Psychologist providing health information to a health network provider, or a user of health information in the sense of PHIPA and its regulations, you need to secure all portable healthcare data as below. If you are NOT, you DO NOT have to.  If you do, or if you aren’t sure, please keep reading…

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