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A couple of thoughts on open source communities…

The open source communities continue to grow in amazing ways. In particular, tools made by developers, for developers, get a level of usefulness that it’s hard to compete with.

As I see it, it’s frankly impossible for ecosystems of common utility infrastructure done with closed source to compete with the open source community because open source, when motivated, releases more aggressively and takes more feedback into account.

Here’s the posting about progress on that reminded me of this.



22 Miraculous Tools for React Developers in 2019 – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
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SubVersion (SVN) for fun and profit

Lifehacker had a reference to a really excellent posting on “Using SubVersion for Writers.”

This is a really good overview, with examples, of how to use SubVersion for writing, web projects, etc.