A couple of thoughts on open source communities…

The open source communities continue to grow in amazing ways. In particular, tools made by developers, for developers, get a level of usefulness that it’s hard to compete with. As I see it, it’s frankly impossible for ecosystems of common utility infrastructure done with closed source to compete with the open source community because open … Continue reading A couple of thoughts on open source communities…

SubVersion (SVN) for fun and profit

Use SubVersion to tame the pile of drafts for writing, software development, and your other creative tasks. It has the added benefit of giving you easy backups, and allowing you to work from any machine that can ‘see’ your repository. Easy, fun, free!

High-speed digital camera

David Pogue just reviewed the new Exlim EX-F1.  This is another interesting data point for the ‘cheap and fast’ versus ‘high-end cutting edge.’ In my opinion, it’s both:  the cheapest digital high-speed camera, but high-end for a ‘digital camera’. But what’s really interesting about this camera is that it changes what’s possible for analysis (product … Continue reading High-speed digital camera

Application extensibility

Today I’m fiddling with the concept of application extensibility; going back to my roots, as it were This application, “Delicious Library” is an *amazing* book scanner, that uses the built-in iSight camera in many Macs to scan bar codes, look it up in Amazon, and add it to a catalogue of your library. The ergonomics … Continue reading Application extensibility

Announcing Dakworks, and doing today’s "idea warmup"

Dakworks is an information technology, software development, editing, and management consultancy. As the principal consultant, I believe that systems and software must be built to make great things possible, to generate new possibilities, and to liberate people from onerous and repetitive tasks. At present, the purpose of this blog will be occasional commentary, opinion, and … Continue reading Announcing Dakworks, and doing today’s "idea warmup"