About Dak

My name is David A. Keldsen. I usually go by ‘Dak’ at the office as there’s almost always another David. It also saves having to explain that the D in Keldsen is (mostly) silent.*

In this blog, I write about business, software/business alignment, consulting, software development and writing.

I am a highly technical software development manager, with many years of progressive experience (manager, senior manager, director, senior director, vice president). I’m less focused on titles than on doing a really terrific job, so if you have a difficult problem to solve, or a team that needs help getting to the next level, please do contact me. [d_a_keldsen @ acm [dot] org] I am located in Toronto, and frequently work on distributed teams.

Note:  I’ve been on both the vendor and the IT exec side of the negotiating table, so I’m a good choice when you need to choose solutions OR support sales.

I regularly get reviews from staff as “the best manager I ever had,” and from businesses and C-level executives as “the gets-it-done go-to guy.”

More detail on who I am (professionally) on LinkedIn…or if you would like a copy of my resume, just ask!

* My ancestors just gave up and explained it as silent.  Similar for the invisible J, but that’s another story.  See, for example Kjeldsen/Keldsen/Kelsen cookies.

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