I enjoy the Harvard Business Review for the thoughtful articles. I recommend this article in particular as a way of gauging organizational health; how is your organization doing, if you compare it against these principles?

— Dak

“Organizations are pretty good at solving specific problems as they arise, but many lack a set of criteria and goals to meet in order to maintain their ability to compete and grow. The author identifies 10 research-backed principles from the field of organization development to guide companies: 1) Encourage cooperation, 2) organize for change, 3) anticipate the future, 4) remain flexible, 5) create distinctive spaces, 6) diversify your workforce — and create an inclusive environment, 7) promote personal growth, 8) empower people, 9) reward high performers, and 10) foster a leadership culture.”
— Read on hbr.org/2022/08/10-principles-of-effective-organizations