I am a deeply experienced, highly technical, leader of software, hardware, and operations teams. I love helping good teams become great, removing obstacles, and fixing broken systems.

Do any of these scenarios match your current concerns? If so, we should talk:

Are you in a startup or have a Big New Challenge, and you feel that coaching would help with morale, achievement, and results?

Do you feel that the team is too small, or unbalanced?  

Are you looking to reduce the amount of rework you have to do, or for better engagement with customers?

Or perhaps you are in an organization that needs to energize how it uses software to seek feedback, gain more traction in the marketplace, or deal with disruptive competitors?

If you want to adopt agile methods or quickly add decades of software development management experience in a larger organization, I’d be happy to help.

Yes, I am available, as a consultant or as a full-time member of your team.  Let’s talk.