Trying to avoid politics…

But this is really blowing my mind. So Trump runs on a platform of lies, collision and corruption, calling everyone else a liar, crazy or corrupt. Has direct business ties to Russia. Associates with advisors who have Russian businesses. 

His followers threaten armed insurrection if the election is rigged or influenced. 

And Trump’s reaction to clear evidence of election influence by Russia is to encourage it, threaten that his people will be “in the streets” if there is influence to suppress any action by his predecessor, claim it is fake, then a “witch hunt” conspiracy against him, and now his predecessor’s fault for not stopping it. 


One definition of “chutzpah” is a parent murderer asking for clemency because he is now an orphan. By this definition, Trump has chutzpah. 

By Dak

Father, leader, writer, scientist, visionary.

Technical software development leader (CTO, VP). Excels when improving and turning around teams, putting better tools and software architectures in place, and getting better outcomes.

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