El Capitan, take 2 [updated]

So…I’ve been using El Capitan (OS X release 10.11) over two days now. (see  previous article). It’s very stable, fast, and generally pleasant to use.

Nice little featurettes:
New contacts are found in Mail.app, just like in iOS.  Click to add contact or update it.

New appointments continue to be highlighted, and are now moved to the top of the email message that they appear in.  Nice incremental improvement, mail.app team!

First login does require some slight delay to update data; however, most upgrades to apps (Mail, photos, etc.) are done at app startup time, not at OS upgrade time, so they aren’t painful.  Note to developers:  this is a good pattern; pay for the time when you need to, not in advance.

Day One (a popular journalling app) temporarily lost my journal entirely on the Mac. It’s still there on my iPad and iPhone, and I had two support requests in. iCloud sync doesn’t didn’t work, as I didn’t have iCloud Drive turned on before I logged into El Capitan, and Dropbox sync doesn’t work.  I have, however, recovered from backup while I wait, and I do have Day One’s own synch server up and running (now).  iCloud synch is working very nicely.  I have to remember to switch the other devices to iCloud…

Mail.app had lost an email alias I had in place. After a very helpful discussion with Apple Support, I determined, and shared with them, that the setting can be restored, thus:
Mail -> preferences -> accounts -> account information.
The third field allows entry of an alias that was wiped out in updating to El Capitan. Support has passed this on to Apple Engineering. This is a minor inconvenience.

The confusing part is that

Mail -> accounts

*will not* get you to where you want to go.  You have to go to

Mail -> preferences -> accounts, as above, to get to the mail specific settings.

Chrome appears to hang on first access of a web page from time to time. This may be a plug-in issue.
The good news: Safari is really doing well. I’m not cross-platform at the moment, so I’ll just live in Safari instead of Chrome.  I’m liking the current version of Safari, it’s behaving very well.

I did have to upgrade to VMware Fusion 8.0  in order to use Windows 10 and El Capitan. (either requires the upgrade.)  I didn’t appreciate having to spend money on the upgrade; VMware, this was disappointing.  That said, it performs VERY well in initial testing.

Bottom line:  as far as OS upgrades go, this one was free, fairly painless, and makes my now 6 year old desktop Mac hum right along.  Thank you, Apple!




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