Terrific senior software leader available, full-time or consulting

Are you in a startup, and you feel that coaching would help with morale, achievement, and results? Do you feel that the team is too small, or unbalanced?  Are you looking to reduce the amount of rework you have to do, or for better engagement with customers?

Yes, I am available.  Let’s talk.


“Hanselminutes: Killing Off Wasabi – A 20yr old VBScript problem solved with 2015 Roslyn tech This…”

This episode of Hanselminutes is especially interesting to me as a language/compiler/software engineering nerd, and as a long-time FogBugz user (and executive sponsor at several organizations). It discusses the evolution of Fog Creek Software’s cross-platform strategy and current technology for bringing 1.5 million lines of code into C#.


Happy Labour Day…and Airshow

I’m cleaning up my home office today, getting stuff set up for the first day of school for our daughter, and listening (!) to the airshow at the Canadian National Exhibition.

If you haven’t been to the airshow (and you like planes and/or photography), it’s worth your time.

NOTE:  you can get VIP tickets in advance at a discount, AND find out which planes are coming to the airshow in advance from http://cias.org/.  Sign up for the mailing list; it’s low volume and high information.  (Full disclosure: I have no connection to this event other than fond participation from time to time.)

DO wear sunscreen, you will get a burn if you don’t!

Here’s a shot that I took a few years ago (click to enlarge):


You may recognize the background header of this blog as being a part of that same sequence.



Yahoo Insights: Why Are Consumers Interested in Live Streaming?


By Lauren Weinberg, VP Global Research & Insights

Live streaming is on the rise with a variety of new and interesting content through multiple platforms and providers. When it comes to music, Yahoo has discovered a variety of reasons why millennials are tuning-in to watch their favorite artists live from their mobile devices, as opposed to attending in person.

Our Yahoo Insights team dug deeper into the behaviors of consumers and their music content preferences – from preferred platforms to the most popular genres.      

Creamfields music festival will live stream this weekend on Yahoo, with EDM artists Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Kygo and many more. Even if you can’t be there in person, or can’t afford to get over to Cheshire (U.K.), we’re bringing you authentic performances from the top DJs around the world.

Yahoo is continuing to focus on live video, including the second year of our Live Nation partnership,  Yahoo News Live and the first-ever live stream of an NFL game on October 25th.

TITLE: Music Genre & Live-Streaming Preferences Study


RESEARCH VENDORS: VisionCritical, via Yodeler’s Community Panel