Terrific senior software leader available, full-time or consulting

Are you in a startup, and you feel that coaching would help with morale, achievement, and results? Do you feel that the team is too small, or unbalanced?  Are you looking to reduce the amount of rework you have to do, or for better engagement with customers?

Yes, I am available.  Let’s talk.


“Hanselminutes: Killing Off Wasabi – A 20yr old VBScript problem solved with 2015 Roslyn tech This…”

This episode of Hanselminutes is especially interesting to me as a language/compiler/software engineering nerd, and as a long-time FogBugz user (and executive sponsor at several organizations). It discusses the evolution of Fog Creek Software’s cross-platform strategy and current technology for bringing 1.5 million lines of code into C#.