In my experience, the key questions for leaders are:

1. “Why would anyone want to follow you?”
2. “How do we know where we are going?”
3. “How will we know when we get there?”

Of these, the most important for actually getting things done is 1. Why would anyone want to follow you? Do you motivate the team to come to work? Do you listen to the team, and make sure that each person feels that the organization respects them? Do they feel that you are fair, that you don’t have favorites, that you care about them as people and professionals? What is your track record? Frankly, what does your team think of you?

2 and 3 are strategically important; your customers and management team care about 2 and 3, and the team should have them in mind…which is what you have to clarify as a leader. But you won’t get ‘where you are going’ unless the team wants to follow you.

What’s your experience?