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We can find Bruce Tuckman’s Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing model, the most famous model for team development, has more relation to Tannenbaum & Schmidt’s Continuum theory and Situational Leadership Theory. Though he came up with four stages(forming-storming-norming-performing) in his initial publication in 1965, he added ‘Adjourning'(some refers this as ‘Mourning’) , to include team breaks after project completion, in later 1970s.

Tannenbaum & Schmidt Continuum theory explains the relationship between the levels of freedom that a manager chooses to give to a team, and the level of authority used by him. Resemblance between Continuum theory & this theory is in existence of different team developmental levels & movement between those levels as team develops.

Situational Leadership deals with the relationship between follower’s developmental level & leadership behavior(directive/supportive) based on the task/situation. SL resembles same structure if we represent the four stages in different quadrants.

Tuckman’s theory aims on the way in which…

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