My Maisonneuve Fracture Adventure

Here’s someone else who is suffering from the Maisonneuve fracture. It’s really quite something to recover from…doesn’t look like much from the outside (except, in my case, for the surgical scars), but apparently the soft tissue healing takes a Very Long Time.

Given some of the possible outcomes that people mention in the comments, I’m lucky, and I’ll take my conservative “little, actually, NO steps at a time” advice from my surgeon…

My Maisonneuve Fracture Adventure

Always open to a new adventure, this year hubby (Steve) and I decided to try a mud run — the Tough Mudder. We signed up with a guy Steve works with, his fiance, and a couple of his friends. The date: September 9, 2012. The location: the Highland Sportsmen’s Club in Cascade, WI, near Fond du Lac. It was a fun event, filled with a variety of obstacles. Some easy (running on a path between fiery bales of hay), some not so easy (climbing Berlin walls). With three obstacles to go, coming out of a short swim across a pond, I began to jog to the next obstacle. The path was wet and muddy, and on a bit of a slope. I didn’t get very far when my left foot slipped, and I twisted my ankle. A popping noise an indication that this wasn’t an ordinary slip in the mud…

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