The Elements of Security: Omit Needless Software

Omit Needless Software! Omit Needless Software! Omit Needless Software! (after William Strunk, Jr.)


Quick article excerpt for the day…on Apple’s business strategy and software leadership.

Making software central is key to Apple’s strategy…why do you think that is?

Why your customer service is the most important thing for your business…or for YOU personally.

This article (a summary of Ken Blanchard’s Raving Fans, with what appears to be material from a subsequent interview), may be the most important thing you read today. Ken Blanchard: Save your firm from a customer service crisis. Are your firm’s customers, or YOUR customers, raving fans? Happy reading, Dak

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

There are two countries in the world that officially celebrate Thanksgiving (and that have a substantial population of people descended from the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony). As an American in Canada (and, as it happens, a descendant of those Pilgrims), I thoroughly enjoy both Thanksgivings. Whether this is a religious holiday for you or not, … Continue reading Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!