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High-speed digital camera

David Pogue just reviewed the new Exlim EX-F1.  This is another interesting data point for the ‘cheap and fast’ versus ‘high-end cutting edge.’

In my opinion, it’s both:  the cheapest digital high-speed camera, but high-end for a ‘digital camera’.

But what’s really interesting about this camera is that it changes what’s possible for analysis (product development, amateur and professional athletics, fault diagnosis).

Have a look, and weigh in!



By Dak

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4 replies on “High-speed digital camera”

Yet more amazing technology to fool the amateur into thinking it’s all about the machinery. Shooting an episode with a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second, even sixty frames shot in one second only accounts for less than one quarter of the second ‘covered’. A lot of frustrated amateurs are going to find themselves frustrated that their all-singing rapid-burst camera can STILL miss the ‘ideal’ frame!


Hmm. Yes, you could miss the ‘perfect’ frame, but you’ve got a lot more chances at it. This allows digital to be the equivalent of “SLR with an enormous film pack and motor drive” cameras that completely dominated sports photography at one point…but better. (No film costs, of course).

Personally, I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude. If this is your business, or motion capture would make things better for you (Pogue’s example of amateur sport is an excellent case in point), it’s a “buy now.”



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