5 Common Encryption Types and Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own

This can’t be emphasized enough.  DO NOT try to roll your own encryption, unless you are doing it to learn.  Good solid article, though!

Encryption is frequently talked about in news, but it’s usually on the receiving end of misinformed government policy or taking part of the blame for terrorist atrocities. That ignores just how vital encryption is. The vast majority of internet services use encryption to keep your information safe.

Source: 5 Common Encryption Types and Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own


A good diagram of (many) battery sizes.  Not even close to ‘All’ but a good effort.  Also a good use of R to generate correct scaled images.

“If parenthood has taught me anything, it’s that when your kid’s toy needs a battery, you will not have the right size. This is a simple fact of life. In the most recent challenge to this pillar of truth, a Gekko toy (from the show PJ Masks , obviously) needed a button cell battery.

Source: A Diagram of All the Batteries