Why should I care about Kubernetes, Docker, and Container Orchestration?

Scott Hanselman wrote a great piece on why you care about containers.  (Yes, *you*).  Kubernetes is not just a fortunate choice in his example, it’s becoming the dominant orchestrator on the market.

Check it out:

A person at work chatted me, commenting on my recent blog posts on the Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Clusters that are being built, and wondered “why should I care about Kubernetes or Docker or any of that stuff?” Great question, and I’m figuring it out myself.

Source: Why should I care about Kubernetes, Docker, and Container Orchestration?


Quick post today: here’s another great opportunity for unlocking the value chain. In this case, literally mining…waste.

Even the plastic will someday be a valuable source of long chain polycarbons. Mark my words.

When we have conquered the disposal/recycling problem for mining, this will really be something.